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California Vineyards for Sale

Over the last two centuries, California has gained much well-deserved acclaim for its wine from the international community. California single-handedly created a wave of “wine tourism” in the US beginning in 1975, with many tourists planning their travel around the state’s vineyards and wineries. Today, visitors flock to the state to experience first-hand the fantastic wine, laid-back vibe, and incredible views, and many more choose California wines from their local shop. Whether you’re an experienced viticulturist or a new buyer looking for the right vineyard, we can help you to find the perfect California vineyard for sale to complete your dream!

The History of Wine-Making in California

Because of California’s ideal climate, agriculture has been part of its history since indigenous people first settled the area in 8000 BCE. The first wine grapes were planted in 1769 by a Franciscan missionary who used the grapes to produce wine for the church. Since then, wine has taken off in California, both as an integral part of the culture and as a major industry. Today, California produces the lion’s share of wine in the US, accounting for more than 85% of production in the country!

Choosing the Right California Location for Viticulture

Due to California’s size and geographic features, the climate shifts dramatically from region to region. Areas close to the coast have climates that are most similar to the Mediterranean, with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. At these coastal vineyards, the temperature is moderated by the Pacific Ocean and there is little risk of frost damage. Areas protected by mountain ranges (including the famous Napa and Sonoma counties) don’t receive the same cooling ocean breezes, so these areas are best for varieties that prefer warmer climates. Finding the right California vineyard or winery for sale means determining the ideal climate for the types of wine grapes you hope to grow or use. 

Top Wine Grape Varieties to Grow in California

The best wine grape varieties to grow on your California vineyard will depend on your region and the specific microclimate of your area. Here are some of the top produced and top selling wine grapes in the state:

Best Red Wine Grapes:
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: One of the top grapes in California, these wines are full-bodied and jammy.  
  • Merlot: California Merlot grapes produce wines that are dry but have an incredibly smooth and soft mouthfeel.  
  • Pinot Noir: These grapes produce wines that are fruity while simultaneously being earthy.  
  • Zinfandel: These incredibly flexible grapes are grown across the state as they can be used to make wines with many different flavors and profiles, from light “White Zinfandel” bottles to more robust reds.  
  • Syrah: Syrah grapes are ideal for new vineyard owners as they ripen early and are hardier than many other California grape varieties.  
 Best White Wine Grapes
  • Chardonnay: As some of the most common white wine grapes in California, Chardonnay produced here tends to be full-bodied and dry.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: The second most popular white wine grape in California, these bottles tend to be much lighter than California Chardonnay. 
  • Pinot Grigio: California Pinot Grigio grapes produce wines that range from dry to off-dry, depending on the viticultural style used.  
  • Viognier: These grapes generally produce wines that are dry or off-dry, but they can be used for sweet wines if they’re harvested later in the season.