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Maryland Vineyards & Wineries

Maryland’s long, proud viticultural history began in the mid-1600s when the first European grape varieties were planted and harvested successfully in the state. Though it started as one of the lesser-known wine-producing states, Maryland vineyards and wineries continued to grow flavorful grapes and produce complex bottles of wine over the next three centuries. In the 1980s, Maryland’s wine finally started to gain the recognition it deserves with the advent of the popular Maryland Wine Festival. If you’re interested in joining a burgeoning wine industry in an area with an ideal climate, consider a Maryland vineyard for sale! 

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Wine Regions in Maryland

Since Maryland’s four distinct wine regions each have a specific climate and soil type, there is a wide diversity of grape varieties that thrive throughout the state. If you’re interested in vineyards for sale in Maryland, our experts can help you to determine the best wine region for your needs.

  • Piedmont Plateau: Most of Maryland’s vineyards are planted in this region that stretches from the head of the Chesapeake Bay to the mountains near Frederick. The Piedmont Plateau includes some of the oldest wineries in the state and two wine trails: the Frederick Wine Trail and the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail.
  • Eastern Shore: The region by the Chesapeake Bay supports a tremendous variety of wine grapes. The climate of this region is mild, with warm days and cool nights, and the sandy soil has good drainage necessary for vineyards. 
  • Southern Plain: This region’s climate is very hot in the summer, making it ideal for growing grape varieties common to Southern Italian and Mediterranean vineyards. 
  • Western Mountain: This region has long winters which means a shorter growing season. Because of this, most of the vineyards in this region focus on cold-hardy grape varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Chardonnay.

Maryland’s Wine Market

Maryland’s wine market has taken off since the 1980s when several organizations were promoted to help develop and sell Maryland wine. Each year, the state’s number of vineyards and wineries grows, along with Maryland wine’s great reputation! In the last decade, the number of wineries in Maryland has increased over 250%, while the grape acreage on Maryland vineyards has increased more than 70%. Today, there are over 80 registered vineyards and wineries in the state, but more vineyards are needed to meet the growing demand of tourists and consumers. The Maryland Wine Festival is one of the oldest and largest wine festivals on the East Coast, and it attracts over 20,000 wine tourists each year who sample bottles from the state’s vineyards and wineries. In 2019 alone, Maryland wineries and vineyards had an economic impact of $200 million, sustained 2,000 jobs, and produced $10 in tax revenue. 

Due to the high demand for Maryland grapes, there has never been a better time to search for a vineyard for sale in Maryland! Our experts can help you to find the right Maryland vineyard for sale to meet your needs and budget.