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Wedding Venues & Vineyards

Over the past few years, weddings at Virginia’s breathtaking vineyards and wineries have become increasingly popular with couples from in and out of state. As Virginia’s wine industry gains national and international recognition, Virginia vineyards and wineries are at the top of wedding blogs’ and magazines’ lists of best destinations. And when you combine excellent wine with stunning landscapes and gorgeous historic venues, the popularity is no surprise. With options from farmhouses to historic estates, and rolling verdant pastures to coastal tidelands or mountains and valleys, Virginia has excellent options to fit any taste. 

Virginia Vineyard/Winery Weddings

Of course, vineyards and wineries don’t just make great wedding venues because of their ambiance – they’re also key to a sustainable business. In fact, many new buyers of Virginia vineyards and wineries first open up their property as a wedding venue. Particularly in the first few years after planting new vines before they are ready to be harvested, operating as a wedding venue in addition to normal vineyard operations can bring in a much-needed influx of capital. And since many vineyards and wineries already offer a tasting room and a food menu for visitors, it’s convenient and simple to host weddings without investing much more into the wedding side of the operation. As wedding parties generally rent out a large portion of the vineyard or winery (if not the entire property), weddings can be very profitable for vineyard and winery owners. Today, the Virginia vineyard and winery wedding trend is well-established, and owners can choose to work with wedding planners or to offer wedding packages to couples directly through their website to get started. 

For engaged couples, Virginia vineyards and wineries offer an ideal wedding venue. Wineries make for romantic and unique wedding venues both for the couple and for their friends and family. Virginia winery wedding guests can enjoy refreshing, award-winning wines as they look out across the vines it came from – and usually at incredible mountain views. Acres of grapevines tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains – a feature of many Virginia vineyards, since the soil of the mountains’ foothills is uniquely nutritious – make for a great backdrop for the ceremony and wedding photos. Virginia vineyard and winery wedding venues pair the state’s southern charm and hospitality with the beauty of the Virginia countryside. Whether a couple wants the rustic charm of a vineyard barn or the impressive backdrop of a dramatic tasting room, there are dozens of wineries to choose from across Virginia. 

Couples looking for a Virginia vineyard or winery wedding venue may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of beautiful options across the state. And given the state’s distinct geological regions (from the high mountains to valleys, rolling foothills and coasts) and architectural styles (from rustic barns to elegant colonial estates and modern tasting halls), it doesn’t come as a surprise. But one of the benefits to choosing a vineyard or winery wedding venue is this incredible array of options, so every couple can find the perfect fit. Couples can narrow down the right vineyard or winery venue by their number of guests, price, and options for catering and alcohol that vary from location to location. As many vineyards and wineries have multiple spaces that can be rented out, many venues are able to accommodate a range of wedding sizes, from intimate gatherings to large parties that require the entire winery. 

Even despite all the incredible choices available, demand only keeps growing. New vineyards and wineries pop up across Virginia every year, and even so, supply can barely keep up. That’s why we’re proud to offer extensive listings of Virginia vineyards and wineries, and why our team is on call to help bring your vision to life. Our experts can help you navigate the state’s regions to help find the right property for the types of wine you want to produce. And with options across a wide range of price points, there’s never been a better time to make your dream a reality. Call today to schedule a viewing or discuss your plans!