The next time you schedule a vacation try Folktale Winery and Vineyard. This beautiful winery is located in Carmel Valley nestled at the foot of the San Lucia Mountains and situated next to the Carmel River. This lovely winery and vineyard is a just short drive from the beautiful ocean front town of Carmel, California. 

Every Wine Has a Story

The Folktale Winery and Vineyard was purchased by a group of people in 2016 who wanted to do things a little differently in the world of wineries. The group chose the name Folktale Winery because they believe within each bottle of wine there lives a story. In the years since the purchase, the owners have grown their winery into a place where all feel welcome. The stunning location with its Chateau style building which has white walls and dark brown window trim remind visitors of a fairytale home. This winery and vineyard is a far cry from the traditional and perhaps one could say stuffy wineries of old. Not content with traditional wine tastings and an adult only crowd, the owners of Folktale Winery set out to change all of that. They have worked hard to create an atmosphere that is casual, inviting and inclusive. They have succeeded in doing just that with their gorgeous, relaxed and inviting property.

A Fairytale Destination With A Casual Feel 

As you walk up to the gorgeous fairytale visage of the building, you may feel that you should be dressed to the nines ready to spend an elegant and romantic afternoon or evening at this lovely winery. You could do just that and go all out and visit The Folktale on a proper date. However, the real charm of the Folktale Winery lies in the fact that you will feel just as comfortable bringing your children and dog along for a relaxed afternoon of fun and games with the whole family. The vineyard frequently has live music for entertainment, a variety of foods guests can share from the winery’s menu while sipping wine and enjoying the amazing views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards. After having your fill of relaxing, eating and sipping, guests can spend time exploring the winery and playing lawn games. 

Beginning To End: Organic, Sustainable and Delicious 

This amazing winery takes caring for the environment as seriously as its wine making. The vineyard consists of 15 acres of land, 5 of which are located at the winery proper. The Folktale Winery is involved in every part of creating their delicious wines from growing to fermenting. Folktale Winery is dedicated to the health of the land by ensuring all of their grapes are organically grown through sustainable farming practices and protect their vines naturally from pests such as gophers and ground squirrels with the use of owl boxes and raptor perches. 

Not Your Usual Tasting And More 

Your visit to The Folktale Winery will have a different look and feel from winery tours and tastings that you may have previously enjoyed. The owners of the winery want you to feel pampered yet relaxed. Your wine tasting which would traditionally be held in a tasting room may take place at tables in the wine garden, while sitting on pillows under the trees or while casually strolling around on the lawn. Though California evenings by the ocean can be chilly, don’t worry, the winery has heat lamps and fireplaces located inside and outside to keep guests comfortable no matter what the weather. Many wineries offer wine tastings but not food. Here at The Folktale you can enjoy a variety of delicious treats many of which are intended to be shared and like the wine, the food is locally sourced and organic. The menu may change seasonally and even daily but the quality of the food will always be amazing. If you decide on an adults only excursion to the winery be sure to schedule a sip and shop trip. During a sip and shop, you will be able to spend time shopping at Folktale Provisions. Take your time and admire the beautiful array of locally sourced items for the home, bath and body products as well as specialty food items all while sipping a glass of bubbly. 

Folktale Winery blends the romantic traditions of wineries and wine tastings with a new fresh, young approach. Whether you take some time for a charming getaway on your own, a romantic afternoon with your significant other or a fun filled family adventure, Folktale Winery won’t disappoint. What are you waiting for…make a reservation today. 


Where is the oldest active winery in America?

According to Business Insider, the 184 years old Brotherhood Winery which is located in Washingtonville, NY is the home of the oldest continuously active winery in America. The winery was founded in 1839 and found a way to remain open even during Prohibition.

What is the largest winery in the world?

E and J. Gallo Winery is the largest in the world according to The winery produces one in every three bottles of wine produced in the US and sells approximately 900 million bottles of wine a year. 

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